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  • director of photography


  • cinematographer


  • cheffe operatrice



music video for Léonie Pernet

directed by Marco dos Santos,

Infiné music, 2018


Unboxing Hapiness

digital content for Lancôme

directed by Frédéric Pruchon,

Labandeoriginale, 2018



documentary by/with Océan,

Highsea productions, 2018

L’Oréal Men Expert

web ad with Nikolaj Coster Waldau
directed by Benoît Pétré,

Storner prod, 2018


music video for Fictions

directed by Laurent La Rosa,

BETC productions, 2018

Pile poil

short film
directed by Lauriane Escaffre and 
Yvonnick Muller,

Qui vive ! productions, 2018

La Même

music video for Maitre Gims & Vianney

directed by Benoît Pétré,

Les improductibles, 2018


music video for Sara Zinger

directed by Marco dos Santos,

Maquisards production, 2018

Mylène Demongeot

directed by Dominique Besnehard,

Mon Voisin productions, 2018

second camera operator

Un césar nommé espoir

directed by Patrick Fabre,

Mon Voisin productions, 2018


Tutto va bene

music video for Alex Rossi

directed by Marco Dos Santos

Kwaidan music, 2019

Piano saucisse aligot

music video for Maud Octallinn

directed by Jonathan Max Pierredon

Ratée production, 2019

Le syndrome du surimi

short film
directed by James Joint

L'Heure bleue productions, 2019

Burger King

commercial for Buzzman
directed by Benoit Pétré
Cousines & Dépendances, 2019

For Women In Science

5 short videos for L’Oréal and UNESCO
directed by Delphine Dhilly,

10.7 productions, 2018-2019

Cinéma au féminin pluri(elles)

directed by Patrick Fabre,

Mon Voisin productions, 2018

De l’amour

music video for Urgence Homophobie

directed by Benoit Pétré,

Cousines & Dépendances, 2018


Plus tard

music video for Bigflo & Oli

directed by Benoit Pétré,

Cousines & Dépendances, 2018

Black Friday Reverse

commercial for Citroën

directed by Benoit Pétré,

Les improductibles, 2018

second camera operator

Vernon Subutex

serie for Canal Plus
directed by Cathy Verney,

Tetra Media Fiction, 2018

Fat bottomed girls rules the world

short film
directed by Flora Desprats,

Mas films, 2010 


Wise Girl

performance video by Pauline Jacquard
directed by François Djemel & Lorent Idir,

exhibited at Galerie Agnès b. Paris, 2010



music video for Twin Twin

directed by François Djemel & Lorent Idir,

Fulldawa productions, 2009


Et moi ?

short film for l’Atelier Masterclass Arte

directed by Cyprien Vial,

Fémis 2008 


Un été sous la neige

pilot directed by Cyprien Vial at Emergence University, 2008 

Fifty Sixty

music video for Alizée
directed by Rebecca Zlotowski,

Wisteria Song productions, 2008 


short film

directed by Nikita Moyer,

produced by Richmond University, Virginia, USA, 2008 

Si je tombe

medium-length film

directed by Bojina Panayotova,

Fémis 2007 

L'application des peines 

short film

directed by Cyprien Vial,

Fémis 2006  

Dans le rang 

short film

directed by Cyprien Vial,

Fémis 2005


7000 Km plus loin

directed by Maëva Poli,

Fémis 2004  

Rock en Seine

camera operator

Sombrero and Co, 2013

Vai Milano

commercial (Phantom shots)
directed by Theo Gennitsakis,
Pressure productions, 2012


directed by Camille Bovier-Lapierre,

ADRC productions, 2012

Le Louvre DNP

institutional film for Museum Lab,

Arts premiers productions, 2012

Le Baron à Cannes

institutional film
directed by Maria Larrea
for La Clique, 2012

The do « Do control »

Making of a commercial for Samsung,
La Bande Originale, 2012

Opéra Comique

commercial for MK2 theatres 
directed by Simon Wallon, 
MK2, 2011 

Conversation avec un épouvantail

short film
directed by Sylvain Dieuaide,

Yukunkun productions, 2011 

second camera operator

L'esprit d'équipe

commercial for Société Générale directed by Frédéric Planchon,

Irène productions, 2011 

Les poissons préfèrent l'eau du bain

short film
directed by Pierre Mazingarbe,

Ferris & Brockman productions, 2010

camera operator 

Aznavour en concert

directed by Marc Di Domenico

for Arte Concerts,

Artisans productions, 2015

Apprentis électeurs

documentarfor France 3
directed by Anne Muxel, 
Yukunkun productions, 2014 

Le Cercle

application launch video for Oxmo Puccino
directed by Alexis Rieger,
Artbreakerz  productions, 2014


documentary for Arte
directed by Flora Desprats,
Silex Films, 2014

Paddington & friends

commercial for Studio Canal

directed by Alexis Rieger,

Bermudes productions, 2014        



music video for Twin Twin
directed by Guillaume Coulpier,

Extermitent productions, 2014



music video for Mark Daumail

directed by Julien Langendorff,

Sofilms productions, 2014 


3 commercial spots for Sloggi and Andrea Crewz

directed by François Djemel & Lorent Idir,

Extermitent productions, 2014


short film
directed by Martin Douaire,

Yukunkun productions, 2013

Je vais très bien

music video for Twin Twin

directed by Guillaume Coulpier,

Extermitent productions, 2013

Je le jure

short film
directed by Kee-Yoon Kim,

Love love productions, 2017

Le meufisme

web serie, season 3 episodes 5 & 6

directed by Sophie Garric and Camille Ghanassia,

JM&G productions, 2016


Ravis de la crèche

mini serie for 6Ter

directed by Jean-Luc Perreard,

Allociné productions, 2016 

Guillaume à la dérive

short film
directed by Sylvain Dieuaide,
Yukunkun productions, 2016

Blanche !

pilot episode of short series

directed by OcéaneRoseMarie and Cyprien Vial,

Silex films, 2016


video installation by JR for Cac Malaga,
Social Animals productions, 2015

IVG : mon corps, mon choix, mon droit

commercial for the ministry of health

directed by Jérémie Loiseau,
l’Ogre productions, 2015



by Stephen Hopkins, under the direction of Adrien Walter at the World Athletics Championships - Beijing

Focus features productions, 2015

Une vie de voyou

web documentary 
directed by Vincent Ravalec,

Les films du garage, 2015

Voiler la face

short film
directed by Ibtissem Guerda,

Yukunkun productions, 2015

second camera operator

En liberté !

Long feature
directed by Pierre Salvadori,

Les films Pelleas, 2017

Cabaret Cochon

short film
directed by Judith Margolin and Sara Ginac,

Les demoiselles de République productions, 2017   

Trump est-il vraiment fou ?

directed by Baptiste Muckensturm,
10.7 productions, 2017

C* comme ça

web serie for Celio

directed by Benoît Pétré,

InstanT productions, 2017


music video parody
directed by Sophie Garric,

Rose mécanique productions, 2017


second camera operator


serie for Arte
directed by Nicolas Saada,
Capa Drama productions, 2017


music video for Bigflo & Oli

directed by Benoît Pétré,

Les improductibles, 2017

Même pas mal, petit animal

short film
directed by Juliette Kempf,

Les Fées productions, 2017

L’amour volant

short film
directed by Antoine Denis,

Asa films, 2017

Le maître du goût

commercial for Maggi

directed by Sophie Garric,

Rose Mécanique productions, 2017

Les ados, têtes à clap !

directed by Patrick Fabre

Mon Voisin productions, 2021

Océan 2, en infiltré

documentary by/with Océan,

Highsea productions, 2020

You want my money

music video for Lilly Wood and The Prick
directed by Nili Hadida and Benjamin Cotto

Cousines & Dépendances, 2020

McDonald's- Core

directed by Aurélien Chauvaud

TBWA / Else, 2020

footage projected on screen for an opera

Baby Doll

directed by Marie-Eve Signeyrole, with the cooperation of Laurent La Rosa

Orchestre de Chambre de Paris, 2020


DOP pre-production and second camera

Médecin de nuit

long feature
directed by Elie Wajeman

Partizan films, 2019-2020

César Première


directed by Patrick Fabre

Mon Voisin productions, 2019


Coma Carole Anne

music video for Fictions

directed by Marco Dos Santos

Trinita films, 2019



directed by Charles Wheeler

Lonsdale productions, 2019 

hidden camera

Tout simplement noir

long feature

directed by Jean-Pascal Zadi and John Wax

Gaumont productions, 2019


music video for M

directed by Emilie Chedid

Cousines & Dépendances, 2023

l'Occitane x Maisons du monde


directed by projet Pola

Hisae, 2023 

Viktor & Rolf perfume - BTS with Emily Ratajkowski


directed by Torso

Division, 2022 

Comme un prince

long feature starring Ahmed Sylla, Mallory Wanecque, Julia Piaton, Jonathan Lambert

directed by Ali Marhyar

YZE entertainment et Issa Films, 2022

Arrêt d'urgence

music video for Süeür

directed by Théo Cholbi

Cousines & Dépendances, 2022

North Hill


directed Projet Pola

Com1Film production, 2022

Burger King Mmmmmhh


directed by Léo Grandperret

Cousines & Dépendances, 2022 

Encore encore

music video for UssaR

directed by Marco Dos Santos, 2022


long feature starring Karine Viard and François Berléand

directed by Virginie Sauveur

Move Movie & Terrence Films, 2021music


theatre movie
directed by Elie Wajeman
La Pop, 2021

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